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How to decorate your rental home for Christmas

How to decorate your rental home for Christmas

Don’t put it off any longer! Just because you live in a rented home, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your property – here at Prem-Lets we have all the tips and tricks to make your home feel Christmassy without upsetting your landlord by pinning or hammering anything into the wall! These decorative techniques will be a godsend for those of you who can’t risk damaging a wall, carpet or even doorframe.


Fill your home with free standing ornaments

If hanging decoration items on the wall is a complete no-no – then opt for little ornaments that can go on table tops. Items such as glittery reindeers, nativity scenes or even festive garlands will go down a treat with your guests this Christmas, and also the landlord as there is zero risk of damage involved!


Think warm and cosy vibes

Instead of going all out with the typical Christmas decor, why not just decorate your pad with festive soft furnishings! Especially at this time of year, everyone loves to feel cosy in their home environment. Christmas themed throws and cushions will transform your bare sofa into a warm, festive feeling den.

Command hook everything!

If you still feel like your walls are looking a bit bare, then simply use some Command hooks to stick on your walls. With a no damage guarantee, you won’t have to worry about hammering any nails into the walls of your rented accommodation this festive season!


Candle displays are a must

Candles are the heart of Christmas spirit when it comes to decorating your home. With warming winter scents and that orange glow – your home will look and feel decked out for Christmas in no time. Alternatively, if you don’t trust yourself with real candles this year, then you can buy some fake candles to provide a similar effect.


Fake Christmas trees

If you’re worried about the mess of a real Christmas tree when all the needles start falling out – then simply opt for a fake one! Decorate it however you wish with your own colour scheme, baubles and of course, fairy lights.


Pay attention to your table

Whether it’s a big table or a small one, somewhere in your home you will have a table to decorate. The table is where all your guests may gather for Christmas lunch or for some festive drinks, therefore, make it look Christmassy! Festive placemats alongside a small centrepiece will make your home feel a lot more inviting and add a little something extra to the warm atmosphere this winter time.


Still searching for a rental home in Newcastle?

If you are still looking for a rental property, professional let or even student accommodation, Prem-Lets are fortunate to have an abundance of properties around the North-East region. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0191 2872888 or email one of our property advisors on info@prem-lets.co.uk.

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