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Landlords: Five Things To Consider When Renting Your Property

Landlords: Five Things To Consider When Renting Your Property

When it comes to putting your property on the Ready To Let market, the success of your viewings can all depend on the atmosphere that you create. You can be as polite, welcoming and friendly as possible, but there are certain factors of your build that could really sway a potential tenants decision. 


Let’s take a look into what factors can have the heaviest influence on a tenants decision to choose your property, and what you can to ensure that you have the best rate of success with Prem-Lets! 


What To Consider When Renting Your Property –


The Decor / Interiors – 


One of the first things that a potential tenant will notice when they visit your property is the decor. Colours and features are very particular for each individual, so painting your walls with loud, bold colours and busy prints can easily steer someone away if that is not their personal preference. 


Try your best to keep the property stripped back and neutral, white walls work great at creating a blank canvas. As do neutral fabrics and textures on the furniture. You will find that the blank canvas approach also gives your potential tenant the opportunity to visualise how they would style certain rooms in the home and put their own spin on it, and really imagine themselves living there. As opposed to something that is completely ‘not them’, putting them off a property that could be fantastic for their needs. 


Basic Needs –


When you have a property viewing, chances are your potential tenant will want to test how everything works. Perhaps turn the taps on, flick the light switches, vet out the kitchen appliances. Prior to your showing, you should ensure that all basic appliances are working as expected. 


Not only could this reflect badly on the desire to rent your property, but it can reflect on yourself as a landlord and you don’t want that! You want your potential tenant to know that if they run into any maintenance issues, that they will be repaired asap. 


At the end of the day, if there are problems when they come to view the property, how many could they pay once they sign the contract? 


Space and Size –


Even in the smallest of homes, you can use the space you are given to your advantage. Ensure that when your potential tenant pays a visit, you utilise your space effectively and arrange furniture to compliment this. You want to give them the best picture of exactly what they can do with the place, how they can create space to best accommodate their time there. There are a number of things you can try to achieve this, from creating hidden storage points, over-accentuating certain assets, and investing in statement furniture, want to know more? We’ve written a blog sharing our interior top tips for creating more space in your rental home! Check it out! 


Accessibility – 


Have you considered that you may have young professionals or students looking to view your property with their own vehicle? They need somewhere to park. 


Tenants with limited mobility? They will need easy access. 


It is important to take a look at your property and figure out what you can do to ensure that it can cater to as many people as possible when you consider putting it on the market, in order for you to get as much value and interest as possible. 


Monthly Rent – 


First things first, you should have a rough idea of exactly what demographic you want to open your property up to. Are you wanting to let your property to Students? Or would you like to rent it out to young Professionals? The cost of your rental payments can heavily influence the success of your letting. If you charge above the odds for Student Accommodation, then you may struggle to find the right tenant. Here at Prem-Lets, we can offer our assistance and expertise when valuing your property to get the right rental payment price to suit the properties criteria. 


Get In Touch Today…


Here at Prem-Lets, we take care of each property as if it were our own. Whether you are a landlord with a large portfolio of properties or a landlord with just one property – we are in a great position to advise you about, marketing, regulations etc, and we can help you determine whether or not your property is more suited to the professional or student market. Get in touch today to speak to a professional member of our team to discuss your enquiry! 

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