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How To Prepare Your Rented Home For Autumn

How To Prepare Your Rented Home For Autumn

It’s that wonderful time of year! The dark morning’s have crept in, there’s a crisp chill in the air and seasonal favourites such as the famous Pumpkin Spice latte has returned to all major coffee shops – Autumn has officially begun!


We love to immerse ourselves into the swing of things here at Prem-Lets, and really take advantage of this beautiful season. With so much to look forward to, from Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course the big C word (CHRISTMAS!) – We thought what better way to get stuck right into all of the action, that prepare our homes for Autumn/Winter 2019?! 


So in today’s blog, we are going to share with you some of our top tips for Preparing Your Rented Home For Autumn time, and how you can do it on a small budget! So let’s get into it, shall we? 


How To Prepare Your Rented Home For Autumn – Our Top Tips:


There’s something extra special about Autumn – it’s the one season that provokes the need for a  ‘makeover’ for most people and their homes. Maybe it’s due to all those years when we have anticipated starting a brand new school year, or a big life event tends to occur during September – October; we’re not sure but we are fully embracing it, that’s for sure! From introducing brand new, warming, comforting scents into our living rooms, to playing with textures of interiors and releasing our inner Mary Berry’s – here are a few of our top tips for preparing your rented home in true Autumn style! 


Scenting The Room


An instant gratification that simply says AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED – is easily achieved through one body part. Your nose. Scents can play a vital role in evoking feelings, emotion, kick-starting a memory, and of course – getting you in the mood for all things fall. 


Whether it be your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen or your bathroom – it is super easy to scent your home for all those Autumnal feels. Now it is important to bear in mind that as you are renting your current property – the use of candles may not be granted to all tenants! Don’t take it personally, this is usually the case for rented homes, but fear not because we have so many beautiful ideas that you can utilise to make both your guests, and your nose very happy and satisfied indeed! 


The Kitchen –

When scenting your kitchen area, it is important to consider the environment and what activity happens here. As you will be preparing and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, and serving drinks whether they be hot or cold – you don’t want anything too overpowering or intense. Keep it stripped back, and fresh, in your kitchen for a neutral, welcoming scent. 


*We recommend: Citrus scents. Citrus is fresh, neutral and vibrant; keep it balanced and you can achieve a beautiful calming aroma for your kitchen. Try slicing lemon, lime or orange and popping them into a simmer pot on your stove to brew the scent naturally! And of course you then have yourself an infused water to enjoy when the scent fades – which also provides a fabulous natural skin detox and cleanser – so it’s a winner in our eyes! 


The Living Room –


Your living room is probably one of the most occupied rooms in your home. So this means that you want a scent to linger for hours that you TRULY love. Be careful to not choose an overpowering scent, as you don’t want to be causing a headache while watching your latest Netflix box set, do you? 


*We recommend: Vanilla, Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Peony scents are beautiful aromas to have flowing through your living room! Achieve continuous wafts through Essential Oil Diffusers, or gentle room sprays to freshen up pillows, sofas and rugs! 


The Bedroom –


Everyone loves the smell of fresh linen, right? Well lucky for us, if we think we can get one extra night out of our bedding, then of course we will try! So with so many beautiful Fresh Linen/Cotton scents available in luxury home stores, supermarkets and bargain stores now, they are so easy to pick up when you are out and about!


*We recommend: Plug in air fresheners are great to plug into your power socket and leave them to work their magic, as are Essential Oil Diffusers popped on the side of your bedside table, and heck – why not treat yourself to a room / fabric spray too to give your bedding a quick spritz – ‘Made & Sprayed’ as Domestic Goddess, Mrs Hinch would say, and you’re good to go! 


The Bathroom –


Your bathroom – a vital area to keep smelling fresh and clean, especially if you live with other people! If you have a bath in your bathroom, Lavender scents are perfect for creating a fresh, relaxing and calming vibe! 


*We recommend: Lavender scented pot pourri to pop in a small dish or vase on your windowsill, Zoflora to run down your toilet basin, diluted into hot water in your basin sink and diluted onto a warm cloth to freshen up your shower cubicle, and a good old trusty Sense & Spray air freshener that spritz out when you walk by! 


Get Your Mary Berry On!


A super natural way to spread a beautiful rich Autumnal scent throughout your home is through the art of baking! Spending some down time in your kitchen at the end of a busy week is great for unwinding, and stirring up something delicious for yourself and your guests to enjoy!


*We recommend: Nothing screams Autumn quite like cinnamon, right?! So why not try your hand at baking a batch of Chewy Cinnamon Cookies? Or a Gingerbread Tea Loaf

Give Your Interiors A New Lease Of Life


Updating your colour scheme throughout your home is a super effective way of injecting a new lease of life into your rented property, and with high street stores such Primark, Dunelm, H&M and many more now catering to luxury homes wear bedding and accessories, along with the nation’s leading supermarkets, you can pick up duvet covers and pillows for under £20! 


*We recommend: Using tones such as emerald greens, mustard yellows, navy blues and hints of gold to create a warm illusion to add a rich sense of luxury to your home. 


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