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Staging Your Property Ready To Let

Staging Your Property Ready To Let
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If you are a landlord then you may have heard the phrase ‘stage your home’ quite a lot on the property scene, and while some people think that it is an unnecessary step to take when you are letting a property as opposed to selling your home, this is simply not true. It all comes down to personal preference. If you wish to add value to the property that you are putting on the market to let, or to try and find your perfect tenant quicker, then it is a great thing to do! Today we are going to give you a helping hand on five simple tips for staging your property ready to let… 


5 Tips On Staging Your Property To Let


Work Out Your Budget

Prior to the process of beginning to stage your property, the first thing that you should work out is the budget that you are willing to spend. You need to decide whether you are wanting to purchase any new furniture, any complementary trinkets or whether you want to give the property a quick decorate before you begin to take any photographs, so that you have a better idea of how far you need your budget to stretch. The good news is that you will tend to spend a lot less money to stage a rental property than if you were to sell up completely. 


Be Room Specific


The easiest thing to do when beginning the process of staging your rental property is to work out a plan for each room. For example, if you are putting a home up for rent, you will most likely have one plus bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living area and a garden or small yard. Take it slow and go room by room, perhaps start with the room that will be most used by your tenants, such as your kitchen. You will most likely have your kitchen area furnished with the essentials so it will be super easy to accessorise with some flowers, a fruit bowl and some cutlery and/or dishes placed neatly, for example, to show what the area can look like when lived in. 


Next it’s time to move on to the living area and bedroom/s, these rooms will be equally as easy to stage with finishing touches, for example, a luxurious blanket on your sofa or bottom of the beds, a statement lamp, and depending on whether you will be allowing candles to be lit in your property, light a couple of candles to set the ambience. 


If your property does have a garden or small yard area attached, simply just pop out a couple of pretty planters to give it some colour and add a welcoming garden chair to add some definition to an otherwise empty, blank canvas.  


Don’t Make It Look Like A Showroom


Of course, you want to show your property in its best light possible, but try not to make it look too sterile and showroom-esque. You want it to look perfectly put together and appealing to view but you also want to make it look lived in so that it gives realistic expectations to prospective tenants. 



Pay Attention To The Finer Details


Prospective tenants are most likely to make their decision within the first 7-10 seconds of stepping foot into your property, and according to research led by Mattress Online – houses sell faster when they are staged, therefore this can relate to rental properties and make all the difference to a landlord’s experience with renting. Pay close attention to the factors that would make up the decision of a prospective tenant within those first 7-10 seconds such as what the entrance to the property looks like, the smell when they enter and what is the first thing they will see. You could have plug-in air fresheners or fragrant diffusers dotted around the property to fill the home with pleasant, fresh smells, hang a mirror up in the entrance way or purchase an indoor plant – or even better, an artificial one which requires less time and care. And maybe focus on your doorway, you could simply purchase some simple yet effective house number signs or place some structured plant pots either side of the door to give the property a homely, welcoming feel. 


Know Your Potential Tenant


This may sound obvious, but bear in mind exactly who you are aiming your property towards before you begin to decorate or accessorise. If you are letting to students, perhaps give the property a more basic, simplistic finish that they can bring their personal belongings from home for their own home comforts; if you are aiming your property at professional house shares then accentuate the properties useful aspects, such as dedicated working areas, spacious living areas and functional kitchen/bathrooms. It is always about learning exactly who your audience is and working the property around what they will expect from it to add maximum value. 


Let Your Property With Prem-Lets


Here at Prem-Lets we know that finding a suitable tenant for your property is of high priority on your list, but it is not the only thing that you should consider. The quality and standard of service that we can offer you with our assistance to finding you the perfect tenant is massively important for your entire experience of putting your property on the rental market. We take a hands-on approach with a friendly, professional team at hand for any queries or requests you may have, to ensure that the process is as enjoyable as possible. If you would like to let your property with us, we would love to hear from you! Simply get in touch by giving us a call on 0191 287 2888 or email us at info-prem-lets.co.uk. 

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