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A Student Guide to Gift Giving

A Student Guide to Gift Giving

Is it too early to mention the C-word yet?! If you’re looking for a more organised approach to the Christmas shopping this year then it is definitely never too early to get started! Here at Prem-Lets, we have compiled some great gift ideas that you can give to fellow students, family and friends on a student budget. So let the gift giving commence!



The first step to making sure you budget correctly for gift giving at Christmas time, is to write a list of everyone you need to buy a present for. This will not only make it easier to budget your outgoing spend but it will also ensure that you don’t forget anyone off the list – once you have made the list you can then write down how much you want to spend on each person (just as a guide). 

Buy when you can! 

Even though we are only in October, it is important to start buying little bits here and there if you find something a particular person would like. If you do this and store them in a super secret place then you will definitely thank us in the long run! 

Find the best deals…

Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deals. Sometimes bargain shops like like ebay and Home Bargains, stock the best and more affordable gifts. If you take the time to look through all the deals and discounted items, you’re almost guaranteed to find something of good quality for a good, affordable price.

Make the most of student discount

Student discount is definitely a lifesaver, especially around Christmas time when money is getting tight. Therefore, make sure you shop around before you buy something, as some other shops will probably sell what you are looking for with student discount. Take a look at the UniDays site to see what shops are offering what discounts.

Opt for sentimental gifts

When you are buying a gift for a close loved one, such as your parents, your partner or best friend, you should then know exactly what they love and what will mean the most to them. Sometimes splashing the cash does not always impress those closest to us, because if it is a product that they have never actually mentioned before, then it can just appear like you have put very little thought into it. Opt for a sentimental gift, whether that be making them something yourself, gifting them an experience or baking their favourite dessert for example. No matter how big nor small, it will assure them that you have put time, effort and thought into the gift! 

Don’t overbuy!

As a student, your nearest and dearest will be more than aware of how tight your purse strings can be! So that goes without saying that they will not be expecting you to show up at their door with what looks like Santa’s sack! Spend your money on one or two valuable gifts, that you know your recipient will love and watch their fact light up as they unwrap it! 

Put effort into your gift wrapping 

Investing some extra time into your gift wrapping can perform wonders for creating the illusion that you have spent an awful lot of time and thought into the gift. Purchase some pretty gift wrapping paper, ribbons and accessories to put your personal touch on the finished product and you will be guaranteed a very appreciative recipient. 

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