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Things to Consider When Renting in a Professional House Share

Things to Consider When Renting in a Professional House Share
professional house share

Whether you’re moving to a new city for a career kick-start or simply moving out of home and nearer to your place of work, finding a suitable rental property can often be a daunting prospect. Renting can be expensive wherever you find yourself living, however, considering a professional house share can be highly advantageous in cutting rental costs. Sharing a student flat during your university days is common practice but professional house shares are now becoming the ‘in-thing’ for those looking to save their pennies and get onto the property ladder. A professional house share is essentially a multi-occupant property in which tenants share a kitchen, bathroom and living space with people they may not necessarily know. With the rise of the rental sensation Spareroom.co.uk you can now search and seek out a room in a professional house share in cities across the UK. But what exactly do you need to know about professional flat shares? Here are our Prem-lets top things to consider when renting in a professional house share…

#1 You don’t need to know your fellow tenants!

Do not sweat, you aren’t expected to have a ready-made group of friends to move in with, in a new city. Professional house shares enable you to share your property but with those that you did not previously know. This can be a great way to help you meet people in a new city who are like-minded and have a similar working lifestyle, therefore, helping you settle yourself into an area fast.

#2 Look for a furnished property!

Most professional house shares come ready furnished but this is definitely something to look out for! A furnished rental property will have all basic furniture already provided, including all kitchenware, a bed, wardrobe and potentially even a desk. This can be hugely beneficial if you don’t already own your own furniture or if you are only planning to live in the property temporarily if you have to move around regularly for work. You could end up spending a fortune on unnecessary items if you move into an unfurnished property, so looking for a furnished professional house share could save you a great deal of time and money.

#3 Budget!

When selecting the ideal professional house share for you it is good to consider your income and outgoings.

Things to consider include:

  • The deposit payment for the property
  • Cost of monthly rent
  • Council tax
  • Electricity, water, and, gas for the property
  • Household insurance – is this included in your rent?
  • Telephone and WiFi

The prices of the above can vary extensively depending on the location in which you’re looking to rent and the properties you are viewing. They will also fluctuate depending on how bills are split within your property as you must consider the fact you will be sharing with other tenants. The budget calculator can be incredibly helpful when evaluating your monthly budgets and savings. Apps like Splitwise and Venmo can also help simplify the process of sharing expenses and splitting bills with your fellow house share tenants.

#4 Be Considerate of Your Housemates!

Remember that you will be sharing with others – this isn’t university anymore and people are far less tolerant of slobbery habits in their shared spaces so keep in clean. A clean house = happy housemates. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to wipe down the kitchen surfaces, put dirty plates in the dishwasher and pick your towel up off the bathroom floor! Basic housemate etiquette will go along way and help you to make better friends with the people you live with at the end of the day! Another good tip is to assign fridge and cupboard space to make sure things don’t get muddled up and you end up eating food that is not yours – avoid confusion and respect your housemates things. Compromise is a must with shared housing so try to be considerate of others, embrace your differences and be willing to meet in the middle.
If you are seeking a professional house share in the North East, Prem-lets has a plethora of houses, apartments, and flats to rent across Newcastle’s prime locations, including the City Centre, Jesmond, Sandyford, Gosforth, Heaton, Quayside, Gateshead and coastal areas. We guarantee to have something for everyone and offer competitive rates on all our properties. Please call us on 0191 287 2888 to discuss your ideal property or search of professional lets portfolio online now.

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