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Make The Most Out Of Your Hallway

Make The Most Out Of Your Hallway

First impressions count right? One of the first areas of your house that your guests will see when they arrive is of course your hallway, the entrance into your home. But often enough it is a neglected space that we never really know how maximise the space of. It has the power to set the tone for the entire house so it is worth putting time into. Today we are going to give you some of our tips on making the most out of your hallway in your rented property with Prem-Lets


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hallway Space


Embrace The Light


Your hallway is a place where you will find that you get a rather lot of daylight pouring in from your front door and windows, so therefore it is always a good idea to paint it a light colour such as white, nudes and beiges. This will not only look good on the eye but if your hallway is on the small side, it will add the illusion of having more space. 


Invest In A Hallway Runner


When people are coming and going walking through the house, the hallway is often enough the one place that will gather the most dirt tread through. Simply invest in a hallway runner that will only add to your welcoming feeling as soon as you walk through the door, and add depth to your hallway – not to mention it will make this space super easy to clean being able to take up and put back in place. 


Organisation Is Key


When your hallway is the first thing you will see when you get home and the last thing you see before you leave the door, you want it to be organised and tidy! Nothing is more stressful than a messy space! Simply minimize what you store in this area; for example buy a trusty shoe rack to tidy shoes up that have been left at the door, have an umbrella holder to hang up or store your umbrella’s (tip: you will always remember to pick one up and pop it back on your way in and out this way too!) and purchase a nice pot or tray to place your keys in. If you especially live in a Student or Professional House Share this will save so much trouble and time for everyone under one roof! 


Add A Mirror / Artwork


Adding a large mirror or a couple of pieces of aesthetically pleasing art work can do wonders for transforming your hallway space! Not only is a mirror highly functional when arriving and leaving the house, but it can also bounce light reflections, adding an elongated space to the area. 


Inject Some Personality


Every house doesn’t feel like a home until it has your personal touch! This can be by adding little heirlooms that you have gathered from family and friends over the years, monogrammed accessories, and adding your favourite scents! You will be surprised what it can do to the entrance of your home! 


Get In Touch


If you have spotted one of our properties that you would like to view, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and give us a call today on 0191 287 2888 to arrange a viewing!

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