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Essential Guide to Newcastle for Students

Essential Guide to Newcastle for Students
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Essential Guide to Newcastle for Students

Situated nicely in the North East of England lies one of the country’s most iconic cities – Newcastle Upon Tyne. Newcastle manages to (year on year) retain and attract thousands of students for many good reasons. Famous for its trendy nightlife scene, industrial heritage and friendly geordie dialect – Newcastle is rapidly becoming a favourable location for students to come and study.


Here is our essential guide for students living in Newcastle…


Public Transport

Newcastle is known to have very easy accessible public transport options to get you round the city. Depending on where you’re going you could stroll through the vibrant city centre by foot or even just jump on a bus to the quayside. Compared to London’s Tube System, the Tyne and Wear Metro is a train line designed to take you from A to B. It is a lot more appealing than the Tube as it is generally less cramped, cheaper and with their recent revamp, it is also more visually appealing. You could even travel down to the picturesque North East coastline on the metro service!


Small but friendly

Believe it or not, Newcastle is known as ‘the smallest big city in the world’! The reason for is this is because you can actually walk it in 15 minutes – making everything conveniently accessible. You’ll be surprised at how much art and culture and attractions the city can pack in – with a popular nightlife scene, shopping facilities and heritage. Don’t forget that Newcastle also offers fabulous countrysides as opposed to the hustle of the city life.

Geordie Phrases…

If you’re moving to Newcastle for work or education, it might be worth brushing up on some Geordie phrases and words which will help you understand the dialect a bit more! Here are just a few:

#1 Howay Man!

Translation – This simply means, hurry up or come on.

#2 Wey Aye, Man!

Translation – Yes.

#3 Canny

Translation – Good, nice or pleasant.

#4 In a fettle!

Translation – In a foul mood.

#5 Haddaway Man!

Translation – You must be joking!

Your nightlife guide

The North East nightlife never fails to disappoint those who love to socialise and party with friends! Newcastle offers a wide range of nightlife venue spaces, here are just a few of our favorites:


#1 House of Smith

28 – 32 Collingwood St, Newcastle NE1 1JF

Situated right next to Central Station this night club venue is perfect for students. If you’re looking for somewhere that always has events or fun evenings planned then this venue is for you!

#2 Livello

Lower Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE

Livello is a luxury nightclub situated in Newcastle. Livello nestles audacious and central to everything that is new and vibrant on the Newcastle quayside.

#3 Digital

Times Square, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP

Similar to House of Smith, Digital is a great venue for students. With many different themed nights a week you’ll be spoilt for choice.

#4 The Cut

7 St Nicholas St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RH

The Cut is known as a Distressed, Dissident, Downtown Disco Den! It is definitely worth exploring.

Art and Culture

Newcastle doesn’t just offer a great nightlife and easy public transportation solutions, the city is known for offering it’s dynamic ways with art, music, football and galleries.


The Baltic

The infamous art gallery, The Baltic is situated just on the glorious River Tyne. The Baltic’s aim is to create a greater understanding of the world of outstanding contemporary art, displaying the deeper meaning, power and relevance behind any piece of art. Once you reach the top floor of this amazing art gallery, there is a cafe where you can enjoy a spot of lunch and gaze upon the picturesque views of the city of Newcastle.


Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal is a truly iconic aspect of Newcastle, and just off the main shopping street it is well worth a visit. It opened on Drury Lane off Mosley street in 1788 and soon established itself as one of England’s leading theatres. This theatre has also been crowned the North East’s Most Welcoming Theatre for the fourth year in a row! If you get a chance to see a play at the Theatre Royal then you most definitely should!


Now that you know a bit more about the fabulous city of Newcastle upon Tyne, if you are still searching for student properties, Newcastle Student Housing are fortunate to have an abundance of properties around the North-East region, particularly in the key students areas of Jesmond, Heaton, and Sandyford. If you are interested in student rental options and student flat shares please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0191 209 4556 or email one of our property advisors on info@prem-lets.co.uk.


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