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Tips for finding the perfect professional house share

Tips for finding the perfect professional house share
Professional house share

The number of professionals that are now looking to rent a room in a shared house with like-minded people is growing. With huge benefits like allowing them to live closers to where they work and also not to mention the cheaper rent – it is no wonder that these numbers are increasing. However, trying to find the perfect house share can seem daunting – we have selected a few handy tips to ensure you find the best house share for you!

#1 Get prepared…

The professional lets market moves fast, therefore, you need to be speedy when booking viewings and getting deposits ready. This all sounds stressful, but if you know your budget and already have a deposit to place once you find your dream lettings property then you won’t miss out on your perfect property.

 In order to feel prepared there are a few things to consider:

  • Know what locations you want to rent a property in. This will narrow down the list of properties when it comes to your property search.
  • Talk to neighbours or people from that area and find out their opinions of the local area and also surrounding areas.
  • Research! If you can’t speak to anyone in the area you’re looking to rent then research online about the area

 #2 Ask around for recommendations!

There’s no harm in using social media to announce you are looking for a room to rent – you never know, someone might have a spare one themselves or know someone who does. People can also point you in the right direction of the best professional lets agency.

 #3 Always ask questions

You should not be afraid to ask your letting agent questions about the property or the process of letting a room in a shared house. Something that is also incredibly important is to ask your new potential roommates questions.

Here is a list of questions you should ask when viewing a potential house share:

  1. ‘Did you all know each other originally?’

Moving into a situation where you’re invading a friendship group can seem intimidating – you may want to know this before committing to this type of situation if you think it is something that may bother you.

 2. ‘Will I need to bring kitchen stuff?’

It is always handy to ask these types of questions – it doesn’t have to be kitchen stuff it can be any items you’re unsure if you need to bring or not.

 3. ‘Is that damp issue being fixed?’

If you see an issue in the home you’re viewing don’t be afraid to ask if/ when it is getting fixed.

You don’t need to ask all of those questions but normally they are the ones people forget to ask!

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