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Taking Care Of Your Rental Property

Taking Care Of Your Rental Property

Whether you are a student renting a property while you are studying away from home, you are renting while working away or you just simply prefer to rent as opposed to buying – it is always important to look after it properly when it is a property that you do not own.


A Spring clean every now and again is healthy for the mind. It is said that cleaning can promote reduced stress and fatigue, and it can help you think more clearly towards tasks that you face throughout the day, with an organised living space bringing an organised mind space. We have put together some easy top tips on things you can do to keep your property in ship-shape because we firmly believe that if you take good care of your home, your home will take good care of you.


Simple Ways To Look After Your Rental


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Find Inspiration


Sometimes getting motivated to clean your home can be hard. The overwhelming thought of giving the house a spring clean from top to bottom can take the appeal away before you have even began. However, we have one tip that might just change the game for you! Have you heard of Mrs Hinch? If you haven’t – (where have you been?) then simply search “MrsHinchHome” over on Instagram. Sophie Hinchliffe aka Mrs Hinch is a social media frenzy taking the interior world by storm with her obsession with Zoflora, humorously named cloths and her simple hacks to make cleaning your home that little bit easier and more enjoyable. We can guarantee that after watching just a couple of her Instagram stories that she is sure to inspire you to pick up a duster.


Keep On Top


Making sure that you keep on top of your household jobs can often make the process so much easier by avoiding one huge clean at the start of each month! This may be running the hoover over the house each night to avoid a lot of dust, crumbs etc, polishing the surfaces down with some anti-bacterial wipes or polish, and changing your bedding around the same time each month and keeping on top of it with freshening sprays, room sprays, diffusers and air fresheners can also help massively to keep the home feeling and smelling fresh at all times.


General Maintenance


Ensure that you look after all general maintenance areas of your rental property, for example if you are experiencing issues with your water, heating system and/or exterior problems then give your landlord a call to let them know as soon as you can. This also includes doing regular tests on your smoke alarms too – don’t let small issues amount to bigger problems that will ultimately lead to more costly outcomes, simply give your landlord a call and keep them in the loop with any areas of concernment.

If you require more information about the renting process or what we can do for you here at Prem-Lets, give us a call today on 0191 287 2888!

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