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Top Tips For Moving Out For The First Time

Top Tips For Moving Out For The First Time

We know that moving out of your family home for the first time can be a big, daunting step for anyone at the best of times! Juggling all of the different financial strings, the up-keep of house work and so on. And if you are a Student, of course you have your University studies to consider and we understand that at the ripe young age just 18 can mean that this all may seem very overwhelming! But don’t let the ‘adult’ tasks frighten you from what should be some of the very best years of your life! 


There are of course many benefits to living away from home – from being able to come home in the early hours of the morning without worrying about waking your parents up, slobbing out on a free afternoon watching Netflix with a takeaway – it’s all about learning the balance of give and take and being a responsible tenant. While this is a journey – we thought we would share some of our top tips with you for living away from your family home for the first time! 


Our Top Tips For Moving Out For The First Time


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Research, Research, And MORE Research


If you are moving to a completely new city for University, then the first step to take it so to do your extensive research on the city. From looking into exactly which little town you would like to reside in within the city, whether you prefer a quieter space or you would like to be in the bustling city centre. Checking out what the general day-to-day travel is like, whether you drive or you will rely on public transport. Getting familiar with what your local amenities would be, where your closest supermarket is, your nearest ‘local’ for pubs and nightlife, and leisure activities such as is there a cinema, shopping mall, bowling alley, for example. 


The more you research about a place where you are planning on spending the next three to four years of your life, the better chance you will have at really enjoying the whole experience and becoming a local in your own right!


Take Note


Use your time left living at home wisely to draw up a list of exactly what your general lifestyle is at home, and weigh up whether you are able to afford it or you need to make necessary tweaks to take a load off your shoulders. The things you should consider can range from:

Your Diet: Jot down a food diary so that you can keep track of what foods you tend to eat the most, so you know exactly what ingredients will need to be stables for your shopping lists. 


Electricity / Water / Gas: Ah the joys of living at home! We can afford to take all of the above utility bills for granted. But don’t be naive and ignore the reality for when you are officially out of the home. Keep track on exactly how much water you use, for example; when you brush your teeth, turn the tap off. Indulge in the luxury of a bath every now and then as opposed to a shower to avoid water wastage. Take a look at what electronic devices you use most, how much electricity are they drawing on your monthly bill? You will find that this will help massively when it comes to paying your very own utility bills, as you have a rough estimate on what you are using and what you should be spending!


Appliances: DON’T rely on any housemates to bring a microwave if 90% of your diet is microwavable meals. Nor should you ‘expect’ that there will be a kettle, an ironing board or bathroom comforts such as a bath mat, shower curtain or whatever it may be. What ever luxuries you enjoy at home, if they really do benefit your day=to-day real life, then invest in your own and take them with you! 


Make Your Own REALISTIC Budget


Joining clubs, making brand new friends and enjoying Freshers’ Week activities is all fun and games until you are struggling for cash not even halfway through the month. Be realistic with your budget, if you think you will spend too much on a Monday night out in town, turn the offer down. Your bank balance will thank you for it later – and so will your parents, not dreading the phone call asking for a hand out! 


You can now download so many useful apps to your mobile phone that help you in budgeting your money and saving costs where you can, such as Monzo, Chip, mySupermarket and many more! You can also turn to Financial Experts such as Martin Lewis and The Monday Saving Expert for little tips for saving, budgeting and paying financial bills. 


Make New Friends, But Don’t Forget About Your Day One’s


You will find that University is one of the biggest learning curves that we can all have the luxury of taking. From teaching us to adult – QUICK, it also teaches us a great deal about juggling adult life with relationships and friendships. Juggling studies, with part-time employment and making time for partners, new friends AND old. By the time June rolls around, students begin to flock back home for the summer, and the last thing you want is to neglect your best friends from day one, for a new clique that you may be separated from until September. Think wisely, and make time for everyone that you truly want in your life. Whether it be a quick Facetime call before bed, a weekend visit or a catch up over a coffee.


Have FUN!


While it is a serious time, and it does teach us a lot of lessons, your Uni days will be the best days of your life! For three or four years (depending on your course) you have the freedom of trial and error, you get to experiment with being a legitimate adult before entering full time employment and becoming fully-fledged. So it’s important to have fun with it while keeping responsibility at the forefront of your mind! 


Go on that date, head out for a night out with your friends, treat yourself every now and then! And enjoy it – because trust us when everyone tells you – it will soon come and go in the flash of an eye! And its an experience that you can’t go back and live the same again! 

Get In Touch


Here at Prem-Lets, we are a super supportive Letting Agency for both our Student and Professional Lettings. Whether you wish to set up a new life in Jesmond, Heaton or Sandyford, we have a variety of fantastic properties in Newcastle upon Tyne to make your perfect pad. If you wish to discuss any enquiries with our team, or you would like to view a property of ours, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Give us a call on 0191 287 2888 and we would be more than happy to help!

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